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Its Like Magic!

Pre-Launch Website!!!

Take with 3 grains of salt!

Optimize Every Marketing Touchpoint! Failure to leverage compound marketing guarantees mediocrity.

economic formulas

Market Elasticity!

When is the last time you got a big discount on paid media doubling your spending? Most media is auctioned off: search, social, display, audio, video, digital outdoor, all a digital auction. The more you want, the more you have to pay CPC or CPM.

Success requires a finely tuned media optimization methodology AND user segmentation models that extend to every marketing touchpoint, every step of the customer journey.

Sales Stagnating??

Need to grow FAST to take market share??

Profit Margin Eroding??

Kevin Lee’s strategic and tactical Compound Marketing best practices can fix that.

Each touchpoint is critical! KPIs and Compound Marketing lift is unique to YOU! Is your strategy and tactical execution where it needs to be?

Imagine efficiency lift compounding at every touchpoint! Compound Marketing results will cause your CFO to BEG you to increase your marketing spending! money-mouth

  • creative and “quality score” optimization 41% 41%
  • media segmentation and targeting 55% 55%
  • conversion rate, AOV, LTV and lead quality improvement 57% 57%

The above are ONLY three touchpoints and the overall lift is 3.43x, and that’s BEFORE reinvesting gains into more media spend!

With reinvested media one can easily pass a 5x gain!

what matters most

Theory is nothing without the right people

Do you know how to do 3,054 pushups in one hour??

Knowing what to do is useless unless you’ve got trained, experienced professionals. Only Jarrad Young (Australia) can do that many pushups in an hour (Guinness World Records). How about SEM, Social, Programmatic, SEO, Digital PR, Influencer Marketing, Traditional PR, Brand Marketing, Direct Mail, Video Marketing, Sweepstakes, etc.??

Marketing Mad Scientist a5x founder, Kevin Lee. A thought leader who trained the industry, inventing along the way!

trade publication articles written

speaking engagements at conferences

years of experience in DIGITAL marketing

books written

tap the power

The most expensive thing for your business is NOT using compound marketing!!


Right message. You need the right message at the right time to the right audience.


Buy your Advertising (all paid media) from the bottom of the funnel up!! Each ad placement must earn its keep!

Every media channel and sub-channel needs to be optimized to pay the right price given the marginal impact that ad placement provides, including interaction effects (attribution and media mix modeling).

For example, paid search can both harvest demand and influence choice. That’s why SEM is the foundation of most digital campaigns.


Earned media is more than PR.

“Free” visibility requires investments in time and effort.

Let us pump up your SEO, digital PR, traditional PR, using content of every kind, video articles, infographics, podcasts and more.

Make sure you’ve got your earned media humming. Done correctly all earned media contributes to SEO.

04.   Touchpoints

Every touchpoint needs to be optimized based on the KPIs relevant to that stage in the customer journey. 

05.   LTV & AOV

Clicks and impressions getting expensive?

RAise your AOV, lead quality and Lifetime Value.

All of a sudden your media is affordable!

Let us take you on a journey; a journey to ever improving growth and profitability. Join us in a world where the tradeoffs between ROI and scale are well understood and controlled.



Let us target a 5x improvement.


The ultimate marketing plan is one where you know the marginal impact of every ad, and data drives your earned media strategy as well.

Kevin Lee

Founder and CEO

brand authenticity

Authentic Messages Matter

Every touchpoint matters

marketing doesn’t stop